Gotta Have Faith

When you don’t believe
what do you live for?
If for you
there is no higher power
then what directs your days?
How do you keep going
without some sort of faith?
You gotta have faith,
don’t you?

I’m genuinely asking.
I need to learn
so I can continue

I suspect
all the institutions
that used to guide me.
there is nothing left
to keep me steady
and I don’t see how
I will ever feel joy
or trust
or faith.

I don’t know anything anymore
and I’m scared
and I’m small
and I need to have something
to connect me
to the world.

Something must bind me
with others.
There has to be something
to make me less alone
mustn’t there?

Mustn’t there?

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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