Succeeding Proceedings

It got weird,
I’ll definitely cop to that,
and I’ll do whatever I can
to limit that kind of crap going forward.

I’m not gonna be stopping by unannounced,
just hoping you’re available.
I won’t dedicate songs and poems
and mixtapes to you.
You don’t even have a cassette player,
do you?
Maybe it’s time I leave the twentieth century.

If we so happen
to be at the same place,
the same event,
I’ll still say "hi,"
but I won’t be glued to your side
or keep you constantly in view
for the all of the succeeding proceedings.

I will use my prodigious powers for justice
to treat you like an actual
breathing human
and not an object of desire
that is elevated or otherwise separated
from the reality around me.
I’ll seek to have genuine conversations
and seek to keep you off the pedestal.

I’ll treat you better.
I’ll improve.
Even if you will have nothing to do with me
from now on
I’m going to fix the shit I was doing,
even if I die in the process.

I surely hope
it won’t come to that.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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