Play a ‘Cast for Me

Hey, Mr. Podcast Man:
You’re boring!
You ask too many questions
that nobody really cares about.
Hell, they’re hardly questions.
They are barely statements.
All you add in your interviews
is irrelevancy
as you include your voice
so damned often
with no value.

Mr. Podcast Man,
can you improve your editing
and shorten your episodes
and include a better soundtrack
and hipper subjects
and maybe include more pictures?

Mr. Podcast Man,
you don’t release enough content.
Mr. Podcast Man,
there aren’t enough allusions to the Great War.
Mr. Podcast Man,
find advertisers that cater to my social-political views.
Mr. Podcast Man,
could you make it free-er?

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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