Any Heaven Conceived

To the off-color fellow
who read my recent poem
which included the word “rape”
and thought it an invitation to misogyny:
I need some clarity.
Please, if you will,
help a non-sister out
and provide some insight.

It is obvious
that you are a monster.
Your website is filled with such vitriol and violence
that there can be no way
a just god would allow you
within sight of any heaven conceived.
On this there is no question.
What must be questioned is:
do I belong with you?

When you read my poem,
did you see a kindred spirit,
a creature of evil and hatred,
who was so removed from humanity
that when you saw the word “rape,”
you thought I was truly painting it as possible?
Did you assume we were in agreement?

Am I fooling myself
in thinking that my irony is apparent?
Am I fooling myself
in thinking that I am funny?
Am I fooling myself
in thinking my claims of horribleness
are ironic?
Am I, like you,
a hideous beast?

Please help me,
you disgusting, wretched asshole.
Tell me:
Do I belong with you?
Am I going to hell?

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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