Combat Sex

Here’s a funny story
and by that I mean
here’s a story.

This girl
– for the purpose of the story,
let’s call her Lisa –
she was sitting at the same bar I was
and we were both alone.
We got to talking and
went for a walk and,
long story short,
we end up in Beltanda
at war against the Constitutional Terrorist Consortium
until finally,
peace gets a chance,
and we find our way to the rebels’ HQ slash beach house
for a sensual weekend of sex combat.

It was chance that did it.
Lisa had walked into this bar she’d never seen,
a place I’d only visited a couple times myself.
We found each other
and made a series of dares
with increasingly raised stakes
until we saved a fictional nation
from itself
and found ourselves
in each other’s arms
for a good forty eight hours
and then a pretty bad additional three.

Words fail
when considering the opportunities
the universe affords.
Beauty abounds.
Funny, huh?

I wonder what happened to that girl,
let’s call her Lisa,
though she’s really Simone.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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