Asleep with Fishes

Fish speak to me as I dream.
They tell me truths I could never hear
with eyes wide open,
with mind wholly shut.

They swim with me
in the night, whispering wisdom
that could change my life
or all our lives
or the course of human history
if I listened.
If I remembered.

Dear god,
why can’t I remember?

Dreams are meant
to provide revelation
to unpack the day
and leave me prepared for the next.
They are meant to unspool the wires
so I may be less taut tomorrow,
but knowing what I taste in the night
how can I find meaning in the morning?

The fish teach me all
I could ever need to know
offering bubbling lessons
tickling my ears with truth.
If only I could chose to learn.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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