This is the Bad One

The anchovie pizza is salty;
salty like the Baltic,
like the Dead Sea,
like a dead Sikh,
too late fled from Sodom
and/or Gomorrah,
and caught
then kept around
until modern times
to be a salt lick
that I do not,
in any way,

The anchovie pizza
arrived far after
my interest in anchovies had passed.
Had the delivery come promptly,
I’d have enjoyed the pie
lacking any post-conceptions
but as it stands,
I am left with this circle of regret
that I will certainly not finish tonight,
not while it’s warm.

The anchovie pizza
is soggy
and cold
and salty
and I wish I had purchased something
more pleasing
and now
I have nothing but discontent
and a side order of disco fries.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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