The Raging Battle

Luther versus Doom:
Who would win?
Each one represents
the greatest villain
of the greatest heroes
of the greatest comic company
of the greatest decade
of the greatest generation
– dependent on age.

Doctor Doom and Lex Luther;
each the most twisted genius
of their own independent pantheon.
Each had a world dedicated to them
where the wills of their arch enemies
were thwarted
only for they themselves, too,
to be thwarted in kind.
So much in common,
but what would happen
if they went bald head to metal head,
hairless face to scarred one?

Geniuses both
leaders both
ruthless devourers of their lessers,
both both both.
Both could have been the master of everything around them
but for their egos.
They are both great
but both constantly defeated.

Luthor’s smart, but so is Doom,
who also has magic.
Doom is a King, but only
in some Third World Eastern Bloc empire.
Luthor’s got cash, yo. That’s what counts.
But Doom’s got a cape
and a mask
and he’s metal as hell.

It’s tough.
I’d give it to Doom, myself,
but wouldn’t say it
in front of the other guy.
Either way,
Battle Royale for sure.
I’d buy a ticket
– and hope I didn’t die
in the raging battle.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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