You didn’t ask
but still I believe
I will offer my insight
regarding the state of your situation
and what you can do
to fix your frigging life.

Know your history.
Know the ins and outs of your family
and all those who came before you.
Understand your legacies
and any myths your people may have.
Keep in mind all that came before you:
legends and roadmaps
and songs and stories.
It may prove useful someday.

First there was the leech
then there was no leech
and then there was.
This may make little sense to you
right now
but give it a moment.
It may prove revelatory.

Try to walk away
from your own incessant idiocy
and live a life in blissful ignorance
of the ignorant bullshit
that your stupidity produces,
making you so particularly loathsome.

Learn how to bike.

You’re welcome.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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