The Lion’s Den

You fucking coward.
When you had a chance
to beard the cage of the lion,
the home of the very enemy
you claimed for yourself
long enough ago
that its name had become your mantra,
you opted to dodge it.
You called in sick.
You had a chance to fight your self-proclaimed nemesis
and instead, you asked it to dance.

Way to go,
you yellow-livered,
lily-bellied waste of words.
You could have laid claim to something brave.
You could have earned your worth.
You could have tried to fix that
which you claimed to hate
but rather,
you opted to become part of the problem.

At least though,
there is freedom in what you’ve done.
no one around you ever need consider
taking you seriously again.
Any time you lay claim to something of steel
we shall know of the rubber beneath it.
It’ll make life easier, surely,
for us.

For you
things will only get worse.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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