“What’s going on?”
You tell me what going on.

I think you know what’s on my mind.
I wish you knew what’s on my mind.
I think you’ve got a sense
what I have in mind
in me
on top of me.

You know I like you.
It’d be hard not to.
I’m pretty blatant
and unsubtle.
You’d have to kinda stupid to miss it
and you’re nothing like stupid.

I like you like crazy.
I like you, like, strangely.
I like you more than I should,
considering how well I know you
– which is very little.
I just know I want to know more of you:
more history
more hours
more yardage.

What’s going on?
I like you a lot
and we both know it
but nobody’s saying anything
and I really think someone should.
Any one of us.
Any time now.

Any time…

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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