Sounds, Be Silenced

Hello, voices, back again.
I wish your visits here would end.
You’ve been troubling for far too long
with wisps of words and little bits of song
at all hours insisting on entering my brain
– to drive insane!
Can’t, you sounds, be silenced?

Every morning do I hope
I’ll be without you. Each day: nope.
By midday there’re always several times
I hear snatches of speech or partial rhymes.
In my head are your noises I can’t wipe
try as I might.
I’m left with sounds unsilenced.

And in the nighttime it gets worse
as if two orchestras rehearse
in the recesses within my skull.
I hear commotion with volume on full.
With notes fluctuating from trebly to too deep,
I get no sleep
and beg my sounds be silent.

Since hallucinations stop me dosing,
at light my eyes are rarely closing.
I attempt a little adding sheep
a calculated try to get some sleep.
In somnia, I magine sheep profits graffitied inside my head. I’m better off dead
unless these sounds are silenced.

Please god, won’t these sounds be silenced.
I’d pay to be around some silence.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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