Transportation Returnatives

He wears a mask
on the back of his hat
so empty eyes
cover his retreat
wherever he goes
even when he sits
on the crowded 2
heading towards Harlem.

The mask stares out the blurry window
looking at the downbound trains
heading where the mask
and its man had just been.

The man is oblivious
to his mask’s antics
or the hat that bonds them
just as he barely pays attention
to the electrons that delivers him
to 110th street
where he gets up
facing the open doors.

He does not get off yet
but looks out
while his mask
opposing him
watches across the aisle
to where the doors open
at 116th
which is where the man
the mask
and the hat between them
all abandon the car that carried them
to their destination.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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