Transportation Arternatives

The dancers on the train
want my attention.
I want them
to not hit me in my head.
I live in New York
so that I can be immersed in the arts
but I’d rather it be by choice
when I walk it.
I didn’t take public transportation todayi
to be assaulted by alternative religions
or off-key voices
or free verse poems.
That’s what open mics are for.

I came here to get from Point A
to Point B
and maybe to leer at some ladies
along the way.
I do not wish to be have to absorb
this unwanted material
from these obnoxious dancers
who want me to clap
at the end of their act?

They will get nothing from me.
No attention.
Not even an eye roll.
Just a poem
(and thus
a nod in history).

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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