Last Sup

Take a bite.
It’s good for you.
It tastes good.
Trust me

We’ve been walking around now
for what feels like weeks
looking for the right food.
You seem a little cranky.
God knows I’m fucking cranky.
We need a break
since we haven’t been able to find
the right kind of meal to agree upon
and I know this bar is dark chocolate
and you only like milk chocolate
but I’ll bet
since you haven’t eaten in, like,
twenty two hours
that difference won’t seem so pronounced.

Just take a taste.
I am literally begging.
I am figuratively begging.

After you have this
we’ll have the strength
to make it to the next block
where we just might
find a place where we can stop
and sit
and find the food
that will work for both of us.
Just… just a bite.

Come on.

These are not tears
dripping down my sweaty face.
I’m just so tired
and I need you to have something so
would you just
just eat it.
Eat it.
Eat –

You know
you could have told me earlier
that you were allergic.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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