Thank you for a most memorable evening.
I very much appreciated that performance.
It gave me a great deal to think about
and I’m sure that all of us who stayed
will be talking about it
for a long time to come.

The makeup and costumes were very creative
and everybody’s deliveries were incredibly well-done,
considering all the difficulties I imagine you had
with the production.
Really, quite impressive,

I doubt anyone will blame the actors
for the racist overtones
– but really, that’s all they were:
overtones. Nothing was said outright –
Oh, rewrites. Huh.
Still not your fault, though.

I don’t think everyone could see the vomit
or noticed the change of actors
halfway through.
Those were different characters?
No, don’t explain.
I’m sure it’ll make sense if I
think about it
some more.

you looked like
you were having a blast up there.
So comfortable
and isn’t that the important thing?

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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