Wherever you go
whatever you do
I’ll be there
right there
looking for you.
I’ll follow you
the whole way down.

Wherever the path goes,
whatever further commands you give
the first word was the deepest
and that is the instruction
ever will I follow
and that instruction is You.

I will dog your steps, doge.
Where you lead, I will follow, my King.
I will follow you
like the sun follows a creepy crawly beetle
because the world is round.
I will follow you no matter
where it is that you may go.

I’m in pursuit.
Every breath you take
every move you make
I’ll be at your back
I’ll be watching
I’ll be waiting
I’ll be with you.

This is how I was made.
This is how you made me.
I am a creature dedicated to you
from the very first.
There’s nothing you could say
to sway me from my path
this involves inexplicable math
but the calculations are clear:
where you are,
so am I.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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