Not Patsy’s Kind of Crazy

Crazy like a fox?
Crazy like a camel?
Crazy like an ox?
Crazy strong enamel?

Crazy like a poppa.
Crazy like an auntie
Crazy off of grappa.
Crazy like Chianti.

Them crazy Christians.
Crazy old Jew.
Crazy ’bout Madonna.
Crazy for you.

This isn’t Patsy’s “Crazy,”
nor crazy like Grey.
Not “Crazy Like an Ambush.”
or any other way.

Cuz we’re all crazy now,
as someone once said,
and to quote yet another
“If you ain’t crazy, you dead.”

So go crazy like Prince sang
in that Purple Rain ad.
If you’re not going crazy,
then you’re going mad.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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