No Remainders

I woke up with a start
with the thought
that you’d passed on.
It was time.
You’d had a long enough life.
You deserved rest
but it left me so broken
that I hadn’t any chance to say goodbye
hadn’t any opportunity
to speak to you
in any of the many months
that preceded the end.
I wanted to make it right.

I came here to see the body
and have found it warm
and alive
and you haven’t passed at all.
You are still here
and that is
You remain.
You endure
but for how long?

If this is the last time I see you
let me make it worth it.
If this is the last time we speak
let’s really say something.

Let us say things today
things that have been hanging
words that were previously
left on the table.
Let us end this day
with no remainders.

I never cared for Bowie.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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