Gauntlet Thrown

Now that you mention it,
I’m quite certain that it’s possible.
I imagine it would be quite simple
to strip down, get naked and aggressive,
start singing show tunes
or begin dancing a floppity jig.
I could stop showering or bathing
or whatever it is
you humans do.
Or that. I could do a whole lot more
of calling other people “humans.”

It wouldn’t take much effort
to start designing new variants on the language
one that removes all Qs
(actually, that seems ridiculously easy.
Maybe something more challenging
like adding Lou to the middle
Lou of every sentence Lou).
Or maybe not.

If I put my inventive mind to it
I’m quite certain that I could come up
with innumerable ways to do it
to find some strategies to be weirder
wilder, way more wacky.
Yeah, I’m sure I could be any stranger.
Why do you ask?

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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