The Price of Quitting

You know, thinking about it,
I suspect you’ve been just a tad too hasty
in your decision-making.
Really, you don’t have enough information
not to be in love with me.

When you look at all this
(make gesture, taking all of it in)
and just say “no,”
like some nay-sayer Nancy,
generations late,
it makes you look bad,
afraid to experiment,
frightened to take a taste
of something that might just
be terribly good for you.
how could you afford
not to try?

The wise person
uses empirical information
before making categorical decisions.
If half the lies I’ve told you
are true, then I’d truly be worth
the time of day, wouldn’t I?
And then some!
Something to think about.

And I do sincerely hope
that you think about me
just as I think about
how we can most quickly
spend your dowry.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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