Tim Talks

Tim says maybe the bad news
is really good news
just pushing some bad shit out of the way first.
Maybe it’s better to face the shit head on
rather than wasting some months
trying to avoid it
so you can look out for the good stuff sooner.

Tim tells me it might not be a bad idea
to try a little positivity.
An optimistic outlook
can yield better outcomes,
it can convince others of your confidence,
all that crap,
but really, it just feels better
and you don’t feel lousy all the time.

Tim articulates honest opinions that hit home
and feels pretty good as he says it
but, after hours,
gets harder to hold onto.

Tim truth-tells,
trying out terrific tantalizing details
all of which are educational,
all of which help.
Maybe some of them will change the game
if I take them to heart.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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