Twenty Minutes

I couldn’t find the kid
for a good twenty minutes
earlier today.
She decided to take the bus
instead of getting picked up
but I didn’t know that
not at first
so with rising nerves
I checked the late kids spot
at the school
and the front desk,
then the bus stop,
in case we’d gotten our wires crossed
but since she’d headed home,
I saw no sign of her.

I raced the streets
looking for the kid
while she obliviously
followed a pretty regular routine,
chatting on the bus with friends,
nothing the matter,
getting home like it’s normal
until I arrived,
looking down wild-eyed
hairs displaced
voice raised
asking her where the hell she’d been.

“I guess I messed up,” she said, “you weren’t worried, were you?” I took a breath
then twenty more
and then twenty more
and I’m sure eventually
I will have an answer for her.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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