All Apologies #8

I feel like
I should apologize to everyone
for everything
because I feel
like every step lately
has been an awkward one
foolish and stupid
and people suspect
how dumb I have become.

I don’t know if this is medication talking
or a new fear
that my veneer is cracked
and that all can see beneath
the crippled soul
so poorly hidden
for so long.
Maybe trumpeting this anxiety so loudly
will get me the help I so desperately need.
Probably not.

Probably anyone who sees
will correctly interpret these sub-teen lines
as the meanderings as a sub-teen
and think he’ll grow out of them.
I’m sure I will.
It’ll get better any minute
I’ll bet.

Sorry for bothering you.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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