The last time I saw that film
I wasn’t paying much attention.
I was a little busy
on the couch with my hands
and her.
I’d hurried over
to see the flick
that she’d already started
and soon after I settled down
on her third-hand couch
I was on top of her
instead of the plot.

I got the jist:
There was dancing
and action and there was movement
from place to place
and a whole lot of jive talking.
I understood that people weren’t happy
where they were
but I was pretty satisfied
just messing around on somebody’s couch
pretty distracted from the matters at hand.

It didn’t last long.
The film ended
and we went our separate ways
soon after that night.
I guess I wasn’t much of a woman’s man.
Really, I think I was too easily satisfied
with where I was
while she was looking for something more,
something different.
I hope she found it.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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