Lights 3

And just like that
the light goes on.

I am sitting
in my room
with the sad music
and the hoarded mess
with the roaches trailing dust
I’d never bothered to sweep
and my stomach rumbling
for days
as I consider how this state
may continue indefinitely
with occasional trips to the bathroom
as I watch everything inside spiraling down
into a sewer system
that seems like a fitting final reward
for the entire universe.

I am uncomfortable.
I am alone.
I am seeing no future
and the sun is setting
and I think of the British Coal Gas Study
and wonder what opportunities
might be available at this hour
when I notice a shine on the window
and I realize
my local lamppost has gone on
and suddenly
not everything seems so bad
and I wonder what tomorrow might bring.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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