Mike Cannon

To Mike Cannon,
who had the nerve to be present
when I corrected him
when he said his grandmother
had come down from the Bronx
for his East Village show:

Just because I was mistaken
when I told you
that your syntax was wrong
in your sentence
is no reason
for you to to disagree with me
in the moment of my error.

I mean, really, Mike Cannon,
who do you think you are
to suggest that your opinion
as to how to speak
our common language
compares to mine?
My inaccuracy
is no excuse
for you to try
however politely
to suggest
that I was wrong.

Sit on that thought
for a while, Mike Cannon,
and so can your grandma
up in the Bronx
or wherever she might live
in whatever direction you might think
is most appropriate.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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