Uneven Odds

It’s probably not that big a deal.
You’re probably not as concerned about this
as I am.
I’m probably much more in my head about this than I need to be. I’ve probably imagined this to be a much bigger deal
than it probably is.

You’re certainly not scheming
with your coven of witches
switching plans
coming up with better ways
to punish me out of my wits
for my worthless wasted whilings.
You’ve got better things to do
I assume
I hope.

No doubt,
I’m imaging things.
Most likely,
I’m blowing shit out of proportion.
I can’t have such an accurate bead
on the pulse of the people.
It’s impossible that
all the evil ideas I have
about whatever you might be considering
could be accurate
could they?

I’ve got to be wrong, right?
Could you…
could you say something, please?

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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