The Road Taken

So you know how
you’ve gone down a road
for a long time
and you were never really sure
if it was taking you the right direction
and the longer you’re on it,
the more sure you are
that it’s not taking you
where you want to go
and your backseat driver loser friends,
they’re all saying,
"why’d you go this way, dorkus?"
because that’s the way they talk
because they’re the frigging dorkuses,
you ask me.

So you gotta keep going this way
to shut them up
even though you think
you might have seen
different state markers coming up
and you’re pretty sure
you missed the house party
ya’ll were going to
but if you go back now,
you’re just
a) admitting defeat to the dorkuses
b) missing out on whatever this road in front of you has in store
and c) it’ll mean it was all a mistake.

If you go forward
there’s a chance that you’ll get to exactly
where you were going at first
or there’s a chance you’ll get somewhere better.
There’s a chance, even,
that whatever you find
on this road taken
will make it worth the mistake
despite the fact that you missed the party
and slept in the car
and had to piss in a jar or whatever.

This is all theoretical, of course.
I know exactly where I’m going.
Don’t worry.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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