…and There Will Come a Day…

You’re gonna talk to me some day.
That sullen look on your face
is gonna grow stale
and you’re gonna get sick
of the same old same old
that you find from the same old miserable company
you have tended to keep.

You’re gonna look me up again
and you’re gonna want a piece of my time.

You may be arrogant about it
but in the back of your mind
you’ll know that you’d allowed our friendship to lie fallow
and so ever so slightly
you will come to me penitent.

You will be humble
in your way.
You will hesitate

but I will take you back
and welcome you
and speak to you lovingly
and ask you questions
as I always have
and bring you back into the fold
and we shall chat amiably
about the old subjects
until you remember again
how much cooler it is
to be distant
and aloof
and rude
and perhaps even silent again
and then everything will go back to normal:

Oh! Disagree?
Well, then, by all means…
prove me wrong.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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