All Roads

They’re shutting down lanes
on Bruckner Boulevard
which might be part
of a city-wide initiative
to add islands
and more man-made structures
to get in the way of everything.

The purpose
of the diminished space
for vehicles
may be safety for all living creatures
but I suspect
it’s really to throttle traffic
to limit the number of people
who travel these roads.

I don’t know if the throttle
is specific to cars
while encouraging bikes and trains and feet
but other evidence suggests not.
I don’t know if it’s specific to outer
browner boroughs.
I have no real evidence to support that
either way.

I know that the limited lanes
makes Bruckner Boulevard
harder to negotiate
for cars
for bikes
for feet
probably for birds.
I haven’t asked.
It sucks.

More and more
the Boulevard is broken.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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