Amos’ Sense

Every now and then
I find myself in the presence
of Amos’ cents.
He left some behind
when he left the house.

It is useful
to sometimes pocket some cents
for the occasions
when I want to be ready for a change
(Amos was making bigger changes
than the jar would allow
which is why he abandoned it
or so I assume,
I would ask him
were he here
or if pay phones took pennies),
so I when I am going out
on the town
I will collect for myself
a few extra coins
still amassed by Amos,
many years ago.

I should thank my old friend for the gift, someday,
let him know I appreciate
his accidental largesse.
Surely, at some point in the future,
I’ll have the wherewithal to reach out
and reciprocate
giving Amos two cents of my own.

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