Change the view.
The problems you’re looking at
that seem insurmountable
from your current angle
look like something else again
when you change position.

Telescope out.
Enlarge or rearrange.
A different perspective
makes everything seem incredibly different.
The job you’re killing yourself over today
will seem inconsequential
after you’re fired.
And that test you cheated on?
Irrelevant after you graduate.

Whatever climate change issue
we suffer from today
will surely matter little
to the beetle-conquerors
that shall succeed us
in millennia to come.

Simply re-engage
the way you look at the issues
and decide
if they’re really issues
that need to concern you.
With that meteorite report,
the fact that Stacy stiffed us
on her share of the tip
suddenly seems so small.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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