Looks Bad, Todd

Hey, little boy, don’t look so down.
I mean, I get it; Jeannette’s not around
and you’re wondering if she’s gonna make you smile or maybe frown. You’re scared that that girl’s had nothing to say?
Well, I was talking to her just the other day.
It looks bad, Todd.
It’s not gonna go your way.

It, like, looks bad, Todd.
She’s not really into you.
It looks bad, Todd.
I’m pretty sure you’re through.
It looks bad, Todd.
There’s no way she’s staying true.
It looks bad, Todd.
It looks bad, Todd.

Yeah, last I heard, Jeanette’s been dating twins
so it’s probably time that you try a new thing
like going to church or learning to sing.
If you still have hopes
with that girl, you’re a dope.
It looks bad, Todd.
Is she into you? Nope.

It looks bad, Todd.
She’s totally moved on.
It’s looks bad, Todd.
It’s your denouement.
It may be harsh, but life goes on
even if it sounds bad, Todd.
It sounds bad, Todd.

Come on, there, dude, it’s been months since you split.
Just accept it’s shit and move on with it.
Dig yourself out of this ridiculous pit.
Surely, you appear to be a shameful disgrace.
Turn off that sad look upon your face.
You look bad, Todd.
Get out of this place.

You look bad, Todd.
Forget about her.
This looks bad, Todd.
Find someone to prefer
this wasting away must no longer occur.
It’s just bad, Todd.
It looks bad, Todd.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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