Dude, really.
You could have warned me.
You could’ve given me a sign
of what was to come.
You know what I’m into.
You know what I like.
You might have shed
just the tiniest bit of light
as to what I was about to experience.

I get it.
I didn’t ask for any foreknowledge
but really
how was I to know?
Should I have said,
“Please inform me if,
at any time in the next few months,
there is a shocking surprise
that might prove devastating
in any media I consume
that you already have experienced”?

Should I have told you
to tell me what Rosebud was
before getting high off the Cane?
How could I have managed that?

I can’t help but feel a mite betrayed
that I was so under-informed
about how this matter would play out.
I mean, considering Shrew and Ado,
you might have told me
Romeo and Juliet was a tragedy.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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