Over Hard Ciders

The band we were gonna form,
the one we talked about
for a minute and a half
maybe a decade ago
in a bar over ciders
after we saw That Darned Cat
in their back room huddled over your laptop?
It’s been percolating.

I’ve got some song ideas.
I’ve got some graphics.
I was thinking
maybe we’d be a fourth wave ska
with digi-strings mashed in?
Only with post-ennui vocals?
I can handle those.

I know neither of us have mentioned the project
since then
or much of anything else.
I know a lot of cider’s been under the bridge
and a couple of chips have come and gone between us
but in the last few weeks
I’ve been considering nothing else.

I really think this could be our time.
By this point next week,
maybe everyone’ll be streaming
That Darned Ska!t.
I hope you’re still interested.
Hit me up.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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