Songs About Hitler

When singing songs about Hitler
be as neutral as can be.
It is not appropriate to seem especially supportive
or even particularly awful about the guy.
It’s kind of cliche
to be all that critical at this point.
Basically avoid extremes on any side.
On any side.

When singing songs about Hitler
avoid name dropping.
Hitler’s a pretty easy punchline
a pretty thick brick to drop.
A subtle reference might serve you better
than anything overt.
Be oblique.
Let the audience do the work.

Make less effort with your Hitlers.
Let the information you present
do the heavy lifting.
Let Hitler do the work for you
and let your listeners decide
what they want to get
out of your Hitler songs.
It’s how it’ll work out anyway.

When singing songs about Hitler
when approaching dark topics
delving into the controversy
digging into such coffins,
be prepared for negative responses
but if you plow through
whatever the risk
just imagine all the potential reward
you have to reap.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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