I understand.
She’s the meow’s pajamas
the latest love of your life
everything you ever wanted
and the pinned beneath your swing.
I get it,
I think.
She’s special, but
is she salad special?

Sure, you can go out with her
and order her a salad
at a restaurant
or go to the deli
and make your own build-a-beasts
for $6.99
or after hours, maybe,
at $4.89.
But at home
just the two of you
with all of the ingredients,
are you synced enough
to make an excellent salad for two?
What have you experienced?

Has she tasted
your grandpa’s shrimp salad
with the secret mayo replacement?
Have you two gone that far?
Have you shared the recipe?

She doesn’t eat shellfish?
Are you sure, then,
this is really the woman for you?

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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