Thieves in D’Temple 4

Excuse me.
I heard a sneeze
so I said “God bless you”
to the ether
so whomsoever risked the devil entering in
had a chance at salvation
and it was very polite of you
to say “Thank you,”
you didn’t sneeze.

I saw.
I was watching.
I had eyes on you
when the sneeze occurred
– I know not where –
but you I saw, as I said,
and this I swear:
nothing came out.

You, stranger,
are a serial non-sneezer
and will receive no blessing
for no action committed.
You’ll get nothing from me, today!

Well, no,
there were no strings on my statement
no commitment connected to my blessing
offered to the air
that hardly seems kosher, does it?
You can’t just take my words away from me
like that, can you?

Give me back my “Bless you”

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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