Lessons From the Sage 3

If the bread is moldy,
do not eat it.
If the hyena is twitchy,
do not turn your back on it.
If the girl spurns you,
do not try your luck again.
She has made her feelings known.
There is no reason
to belabor your point.

When your job offers you an extra week vacation,
take it.
When the hot dog vendor offers you free frank,
take it.
When the man says he has more guff to give,
take it.

If you face the dragon
and the dragon lets you live,
thank the fates
and leave the cavern
never to return again.
Your luck will not stand
such repeated strain.

When the sage asks for a loan
do not question the terms.
He is trustworthy.
Take him at his word
however ridiculous his request.
Just give him what he wants.
Don’t think. Do.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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