Two Dreams

In the front of the old apartment,
a stairwell
and down the stairwell
a locked exit
to which I had the key.
When unlocked
a basement suite opened
eight times larger
than my apartment
including a sauna pool
and, surprisingly,
a training ninja army.
I was always surprised
in recurring dreams
why I did not remember
this key with greater frequency
and the hidden suite behind it.

In the back of the old apartment
by the window
near the bed
a beehive buzzed
with an active swarm of bees heading ever closer
to my closed window.
I had a screen
so the creatures came close
tantalizingly so
but never actually entered my domain.
The insects left an ache in my stomach
an anxiety always with me
as I worried
wondering if they’d ever be able
to reach through the screen
and take me,
make me a part of their honey hive.

I guess I was glad
the ninjas were nearby
to defend me.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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