Four More Years

The man I was four years ago
would have remembered your birthday
and have gone to Amaury’s bar mitzvah
– or at least responded to the invite –
and been at the grand opening
of the new Onion Pare Shop on 38th Street.

That guy
from four years back
would have really been concerned
about Alan’s assassination attempt
and blogged about it
on the Facebook Notes app
blasting everyone he knew
who wasn’t yet woke.

Four years ago
I would have noticed every staff change
at Mustard Hank’s
and been broken up at Estella’s farewell party
and probably would have been on crutches
after the accident on 35th.

The fours years ago version of me
was something of a douche.
Not sure that I missed him at all.
Happy birthday, though.
Hope it was swell.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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