Thieves in D’Temple 3

An unknown sound at three AM
says something isn’t right.
Something strange has happened
in the middle of the night.
Something’s changed or moved
or isn’t where its s’posed to be
why do these things
always happen to me?

My house – my home’s invaded!
The shadows seem all wrong!
The verses are the chorus
are the bridges of this song!
Even this line I’m saying’s
going on too long.
It just seems to be going on
and on and on and on…

I won’t turn on the lights
since that’s just what they’d expect
but I can tell full well that all hell’s loose;
my home’s a wreck.
I can’t say what has happened,
but it’s bad I have surmised.
Like the very worst of thirteenth birthday
black cat bat surprise!

The nightmare’s here on my street.
I can see it in the dark.
I can tell right now my bedroom
smells like a bathroom in the park.
Is this the witching hour
or have I missed my mark?
I don’t know what next
to expect; a wet dream or a shark?

I hear a train a coming,
it’s heading for my head.
I know that if I don’t get up
I’ll just as soon be dead
and so I jump out of my bed
and scream and rub my eyes
and turn on all the lights
and know my stoic part dies

for not one thing has altered
now that I can see the room.
Everything is normal.
Nowhere doom and gloom.
All the horror and distress
had from my house been locked.
I guess that it had all escaped
around, say, one o’clock.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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