No Choochtown

Henry, I appreciate your permission
in not reaching my personal goals
so that I can stay out drinking with you
for yet another night
but I think I’m gonna pass.
I’ve gotta go.
I’ve got things to do.
I’ve got a novel to write.
I’ve got fame to attain.
I have a future
to bend to my will.

No, I appreciate it, Henry.
I love that you want my company
and I love you,
in your simple-hearted simpletonic way.
It’s just that you represent a past
I hope to escape.
You’re a youthful era
of pride and indolence
that soon enough
I expect to see behind me
once I spend enough time on my future
on the plan
on the goals.

It’s not you, Hank.
It’s me.
So just leave me be
so I can work on the book
and then book it
out of your life.

All right.
One drink.
But then I really gotta work!

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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