God, you’re oh so clever, aren’t you?
In the back of the class
away from the throng
so no one will ever notice what you do.
Aren’t you a tricky little dick?
Subtle in your every action.
None suspecting you
as you scheme every which way,
planning whatever it is you may do.

They’re on to you.
You’re not as smooth as you think.
You’re not smooth in the least.
The moves you think are elegant
are rough and infantile.
The only reason you’ve not been found out
is that nobody cares
about what you do.

You think you’re playing four dimensional chess
but really you’re just drawing penises on the wall of the house of love and everyone knows it’s you
because you’re the goddamned idiot
that has fingerprints in his signature.

Whatever you do is dumb
and you think you’re so damned clever.
It’s funny, really.
You’re not.
Don’t make that mistake.
Never make that mistake again.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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