The Visible Man

They look at me
and all can see inside immediately.
Wherever I go
I am known
I am obvious
I am apparent
as if my brain
and it’s inner workings
are seen and understood
with ease.

I did not realize how simple I must seem
until now
which is further evidence
of how simple I must seem,
I suppose.
Everyone could predict my moves
by the clockwork design
and the shifts and clicks
of gears going on at all hours.
It is eerie how easy it is
to infer any of my attempted intellections,
infrequently as they apparently occur.

I thought I could disguise myself.
I thought my thoughts were my own
but instead, it seems,
I am constantly known,
which is pretty embarrassing
– but you already knew that, right?

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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