Precipitous Drop

The quest so far has been long
arduous, difficult.
You have struggled.
You have striven.
You have stretched and ached to get here
to achieve these heights.

So, hold:
Review your position.

Above you, glorious heaven
and a sky full of promise.
Below you?
A chasm deep, dark
going down
you don’t know how far
because of the dark I mentioned just before.

You know which way you’re going.
You’re not going back from whence you came
and you can’t afford to fall
down that particularly precipitous drop.

You’ll keep going, of course,
You just need a break.

You’ll just have to stay here
to get your bearings
until you feel a little less
to move on.

That’s what adventurers do.
They set up camp
and someday continue
up through hazardous conditions
and face all the dangers ahead.

Someday soon.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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