The Ladder

I was suspicious at first
but after trying it out for a little while
I really gotta admit this,
this totally sucks.
This thing is not working
in any way.
You have totally gotta get me down.

I liked the view, certainly
and being above everybody else
appealed to me, no question
but life on the ladder really has got to change.
I can’t communicate.
I have to shout down to you
and you only understand some of what I say.
Fact is, most of my missives are misunderstood from this height.

I’m sure I look thinner
all the way up here
but it’s hard on my legs
and it’s awkward to see
or agree
or to be
up on this ladder.
I have just got to get down.
Can you please help me
head back to your depths?

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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