The Wasting of a Youth

I am reminded again
and again
of how so many
of the things I loved
when I was young
are detestable now.

The comedies I adored then
are, in retrospect, cruel and abusive.
The romances now seem incredibly sexist.
The comics and action movies
I would view with spine-tingled intensity
are, with wiser eyes,
racist, to say nothing
of how poorly they were constructed.
Really, eveything I adored
should, rather, have been abhorred.

But maybe that’s the natural order.
Maybe every generation, eventually,
reviews the crap from their youth
and that critique
is the first evidence of that era’s demise.
Is this, then, a premonition
of the horrors that shall soon befall me and mine?

I don’t think I like the thought
of this shit any better
than the crappy pleasures
of my past.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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