Hello Kitty

The kitten was very affectionate.
Before I sat down
it had approached
and he was in my lap
as soon as I’d formed one.

He nipped and nibbled
and pounced and played
having no suspicions
about this strange sweaty man
who’d so abruptly entered his world.
I made sure not to betray his trust
and pet and patted
stroking and staring lovingly
at this wonderful creature
who came and gave without taking.

He jumped on my shoulder
and sat on my head.
I laughed and laughed.

Pancho was a delight.
Meeting him
at Cuchi’s Repair Shop
was totally worth
the four hundred in fender damage
I spent while getting acquainting
and almost worth all the fleas.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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